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Librarians and Lager: a bonding agent
Art Rhyno, Eric Lease Morgan and Jeremy Frumkin and I.

Dan Chudnov, Roy Tennant and I.

Todd Holbrook, Calvin Mah, John Durno and Mark Jordan put up with the 'Murrican Ass that I am.

William Wueppelman put up with that, too.

Jason White, Aaron Krowne, Will Young and I used to go for "free beer" at the Dogwood Brewery (R.I.P).

Bernardo Gomez.

Nathan & Michelle Robertson were good enough to let my drunk ass into their home.

Emily Patrick was, as well.

David Atkins (Pasquale), Cat Cochrane (Honda Civic Wagon thingy), Teresa Braden (apartment, among other places)...
Anne Langley (Petron, wedding).

Megan Adams, you and your LSU ilk put up with the worst of my liver in New Orleans. Chicago, as well. No ilk there, though.

Ah, sweet beer. You, friend, are a uniter, not a divider. Maybe W should learn a thing or two from you.

Maybe it's the beer talking.


At 1:35 PM, April 30, 2005, Blogger Megan said...

that weekend in chicago is one of my favorite memories. beer is the balm for the wounded soul.


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